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Over the past few days I have been pulling cards for myself and friends. It's been incredibly accurate and resonated with each of them. It's such a joy to learn Tarot using the app as well. Everything is just gorgeous. Thank you for creating beautiful artwork and a wonderful tarot deck. βœ¨

Anna Lian Tes @annaliantes

I seriously cant’t stop staring at these tarot cards that one of my favorite artists, @grace.duong made, so so excited to learn how to use them πŸ’«  #mysticmondays”

Sal Clark @thesalclark

Let me just say. Your art is MIND BLOWING. I can’t get over it. Your deck is captivating. It sparks every corner of my intuition. I’ve only had mine for 3-4 days & I already have a relationship that feels like besties with it. You created something truly amazing.

Krystal Robinson @kittysplayhouse

Thank you for creating the most thoughtful and beautiful deck with spot on and relatable interpretations. #mysticmondays is the most connected I've ever felt to my tarot practice. πŸ’•βœ¨πŸ’•βœ¨

Frankie Sin @frankiesinburlesque

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