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Justice Print

Justice Print

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Law, Objective, Fair

The law is on your side! The scales are balanced, keeping a level playing field. Remain as objective and impartial as possible, and keep your emotions in check. Honesty is the best policy on your search for truth, with fairness leading the charge. Actions have consequences, and it is time to come to a ruling. Take accountability for everything you do, for that will determine if the residing decision is in your favor or not. Before getting involved in situations, make sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations so that you stay within the law. Facts are your source of evidence, not hearsay. You are but a small part of the system, but that doesn’t matter! You will still be able to make a big impact. Justice signifies dealing with legal matters of any kind. Keep cool, stay levelheaded, and let justice prevail!





11 x 17 in.

100lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Ships in a Flat Protective Sleeve

  • Signed By the Artist

Made in USA