Four of Wands Print

Four of Wands Print

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△ Home, Backbone, Foundation

Centered and stable, you have built a firm foundation from the ground up and are starting to see your ideas come to fruition. Building stability allows freedom, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff! Enjoy your time with those most near and dear
to your heart and share the success and good vibes. Your homebody status of late is allowing you to appreciate your home and how you spend your downtime. Grounded in mind, body, and soul, you are feeling safe and secure inside of yourself and finding
a sense of home from within. Your strong sense of self enables you to have peace and acceptance for exactly who you are. Cele- brate your wins, no matter how large or small they are. Embrace any mistakes you have made—they are what make you human!





11 x 17 in.

100lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Ships in a Flat Protective Sleeve

  • Signed By the Artist

Made in USA