Seven of Swords Print

Seven of Swords Print

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△ Deception, Discreet, Secrets

Sneaky, sneaky! Be careful who you confide in, as you may not be able to trust them with your secrets. This is a time to be discreet and protect yourself, as confiding in others can bring more harm than good. Underhanded methods used to gain the upper hand can be rewarding, if you don’t get caught. Deception is at play, whether it is you being the predator or the prey. You are seeing what you can get away with and pushing past boundaries to gain advantage. Seeking shortcuts seems appealing, as you don’t want to waste any time or effort on the things that don’t matter in the long run. In your eyes, you’re working smarter, not hard- er. However, be clear on what this course of action will do to your conscience and the possible impact that it will have on others.





11 x 17 in.

100lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Ships in a Flat Protective Sleeve

  • Signed By the Artist

Made in USA