Two of Swords Print

Two of Swords Print

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△ Impasse, Stillness, Indecision

Complete standstill, time passes by as you struggle to make a decision. Many choices lie before you, however you’re finding it easier to avoid the problem, shielding yourself from any possible consequences. Putting off making a decision will only make it worse. Consult with all the parts of yourself and use your body as a sensor to gauge what feels right. There is constant chatter among the different parts of you, and they are all fighting for your attention. Call a truce until all parties can come to a peaceful agreement. Gather as much information as you can to fill in the blanks to answer any concerns you may have. Balance your wants and needs by weighing the pros and cons of this decision. Ask yourself what the intention of the desired outcome is, trusting that it is for your highest good.





11 x 17 in.

100lb Gloss Cover



  • Full Color Print

  • Ships in a Flat Protective Sleeve

  • Signed By the Artist

Made in USA